Corn Grits Processing Machine


Corn Grits Processing Machine

Corn kernel processing machine produces high quality corn kernels by cleaning and peeling.

 Corn Kernel Processing Machine technology description:

Corn Kernel Processing Machine adopts dry method of processing technology, and twice emery roll peeling and once iron roll polishing to ensure the complete separation between germs and the albumen. In processing, the air suction system separates corn flour and skin. Corn kernels are classified into different grades by the classifying equipment. And the corn kernels become much brighter after brushing equipment polishing.
Corn Cleaning and Peeling Plant

Corn Cleaning and Peeling Plant

Corn Cleaning and Peeling Plant

Corn cleaning and peeling plant
The whole corn cleaning and peeling plant has the following features:
Advanced technology, strong specificity, reasonable arrangement, low energy consumption, high yield, strong market competitiveness. The end products are widely used in food enterprises, sugar enterprises, feeds enterprises and so on. The core equipments have gained national patents.
Corn cleaning and peeling plant technological flow:

corn cleaning and peeling plant chart.jpg
Technology introduction:
Kernel making section: this section adopts twice peeling and once polishing to ensure the skin and the germs are removed. By effective air suction system, it can separate the flour and the skin. One section of classifying is used to separate suitable size of kernels. One section of brushing is used to remove the skin and flour which adheres to the corn kernel surface and makes the kernels much brighter.
Raw grains cleaning section: it adopts one section of screening, destoning and magnetic separating and removes the big, small and light impurities, pebbles and magnetism from the grains by the equipped winnowing system.
Measuring and packaging section: the warehouse can reduce the labour usage amount and it can adopt artificial or electrical measuring packaging according to actural needs.

Core equipments: vibrating sieve, grading destoner, air blower, air suction duct, degerminator, germ extraction machine, polisher and flat sieve.

Technical parameter:
Power Consumption
Per Ton  KW/Hour
Ton/24 Hour
Workshop Size
10T 32 52-54 10T 10×5×5(line structure)
20T 47 40-45 20T 8×5×5(line structure)
30T 54 40-45 30T 8×5×5(line structure)
50T 70 40-45 50T 7×5×5(line structure)
100T 100 40-45 100 12×5×7.5(line structure)

End products content index:
1.End products: corn kernels, corn bran and big dregs.
2.Products yield rate: corn kernel 70-75%, corn bran 25-30%
3.End products index:
A. Corn kernel granularity:Φ6Φ5Φ4
B. Sand content:<0.02%
C. Magnetic metal content:< 0.003/kg
D. Moisture storage:13.5-14.5%
E. Fat content:0.5—1%
F. Appearance and taste:uniform end products, bright color and pure taste.

Advantages of the corn cleaning and peeling palnt:
1. It reduces equipment input in grain dampening and end products drying compared to the wet method technology.
2. Corn dry method processing technology makes the processing more sanitary. 

Win Tone Machinery supplies you with the professional project consulting and service programme:
1. Corn and grain varieties in different areas may need different engineering demand plans.
2. On receipt of your order, our sales manager and engineers project team will provide you with the most professional technical guidance.




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