FTPZ 28-40 New Type Cornmeal Grinding Machine

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FTPZ 28-40 New Type Cornmeal Grinding Machine

FTPZ 28-40 Corn meal grinding machine (Hot-selling in Africa) 

Application Introduction:


Corn Meal Grinding Machine  


FTPZ 28-40 Corn meal grinding machine can be used for a variety of corn, miscellaneous grains, wheat, soybeans, broad beans, sorghum to complete the impurities, de-embryo, peeling, milling and other processes,which is widely used in rural households, small processing plants, grain and oil stores and supermarkets. 

cornmeal grinding machine  

FTPZ 28-40 Cornmeal Grinding Machine Function and Features: 

FTPZ 28-40 Corn meal grinding machine is equipped with corn peeler and corn flour grinder. This machine is combined with peeling system, milling system and wind net dust removal system with rapid and clean production process. The fineness of corn flour can reach 30-60 mesh. It can be used for both wet and dry with features of high output and low power consumption.

This corn milling machine can crushe, grade, peel, and finally make corn meal (20-60 mesh). The obtained corn flour is a raw material for the food of African local people such as Schima, fufu and the like. Moreover, the fineness of corn flour can be adjusted to meet the needs of different users. 
Finished Products:

Technical Parameters:




Rated voltage(V)










Motor 380 or diesel engine 32hp







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