ZMJ95 Corn Artificial Rice Machine Set


ZMJ95 Corn Artificial Rice Machine Set

Corn artificial rice machine consists of extruding machine and cool conveyor.

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Corn artificial rice machine consists of:
JC-95A \ JC-95B extruding machine
ZLS-2500 cool conveyor

Corn artificial rice machine features:
This machine has won the national patent for its advanced technology and meeting the requirements of food nutrition and food processing features.
Simple and reasonable structure, convenient operation, reliable performance and low noise.
Automatic charging and blending device, or manual charging, high automation degree and low operation cost.
Reliable quality, high production ratio, high yield, easy for processing set-up.
Adopting new type of extruding and forming technology, without noxious gas or liquid emission, energy saving and environmental friendly.
A machine serves several purposes. Corn artificial rice has golden and bright color, rich nutrition, pure and natural corn flavor.

Functional description:
The raw material which has manual feeding enters into automatic blending device. Then it sends corn flour into the cylinder barrel of the puffing extrusion machine through the feeding port of the puffing extrusion machine cylinder barrel. Under the drive and the extrusion of the working spiral, the material moves towards the discharging end. Then the extrusion is becoming tighter and tighter and the pressure is larger and larger. The mechanical energy is converted to thermal energy. Raw material temperature goes on rising and keeps at certain ripening and puffing temperature. After ripening and puffing, the material enters into the extrusion forming machine through discharging port for continuous extrusion. When the material is squeezed out from the extrusion forming machine, it passes the pelletizing device, enters into cooling conveyor for cooling and then is conveyed out from the machine. After airing, it is golden and bright corn artificial rice. We can produce various shapes of corn food by changing different moulds. This is the necessary equipment in corn fine and deep processing plants to produce high-end corn food.



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