50TPD Complete Corn Grinding Mill Plant


50TPD Complete Corn Grinding Mill Plant

Corn grinding mill refers to the corn milling plant here, which adopts dry method to grind corn into corn flour.

  The Designing for 50T/D Corn / Maize Grinding Mill:

  1. We supply you complete line machine from cleaning, to degerminting, milling, packing, controlling system to produce super white maize meal.

  2. Supply you pipes, platform, cables from control penal to each machine, and one year spare parts, what you need supply is workshop, electric, water and 1 miller, 4-6 workers.

  3. The pips in milling system will be stainless steel, more durable and longer lasting.

  4. The control system we use PLC touch screen, the technical flow will show on the screen, and achieve one button boot device, more intelligent.

  5. Moisture damper Stainless Steel, Bin- direction screw, prevent free water, make sure the maize degerminating easy.

  6. Degerminator with Japan and South Africa Technology to scrub the maize germ, with the minimum reduce in size of the broken fragments ensure produce super white, purity high quality maize flour with low fat.

  7. Before packaging design with Micro doser to mixed vitamins in maize meal ( to strengthen the national constitution)

  8. We will also suppler engineer to install the machine for you and training your workers how to operate machines, and teach workers how to maintain the machine.

maize flour processing plant

  Explain for designing

  A. Capacity: Processes 50 tons of Maize one day(24 hours).

  B. The quality of the raw grain: Africa Maize(soft or hard)

  C. Working system: 24 hours one day.

  D. The quality index of the corn (Remark: according to the customer’s standard to adjust designing ):

  E. End products index:

  1.Corn flour fineness:40-200 meshes (the flour fineness can be adjusted)

  2.Sand content:<0.02%

  3.Magnetic metal content:< 0.003

  4.Moisture storage:13.5-14.5%

  5.Fat content:0.5—1%

  6.Appearance and taste: bright color, fine powder, high quality and pure taste.

maize flour processing plant

  Technological designing and product index:

  The Principe of the technological designing: to choose the equipment should be guarantee the demand of the craft function and various product quality, it is consisted by most advanced cleaning machine of China.The technological design is reasonable and adjusts vivid, strong adaptability,advance equipment, high automation degree, credibility function, economy and practicality, good cleaning part. Choose the most popular dry cleaning methods to process the maize to produce non-pollution maize meal and maize flour. The stability of the machines is strong, the function is credibility, economy and practicality, the quality of the maize meal and maize flour is stable, index is forerunner.

corn grinding mill maize grinding mill

  1) Maize cleaning

  Maize cleaning: cleaning process uses vibrating sieve, destoner, magnetic separators for drying cleaning. We adopt world-class degerminator to get whole pcs germ,and use gravity table to getting the maize germ.

  We use double screw damper for keeping moisture the maize. microcomputer control the water damper. add water to ensure a more accurate and uniform water,prevent free water; the use of degerminator for peeling maize into small pieces and embryo separated in order to ensure quality and by fully mechanized and use.

  2) Milling technology

  Milling process uses light maize milling subdivision research methods, advanced maize milling and sifting equipment to ensure its process efficiency, using a set of pneumatic conveying systems, five blower air system, the process can also produce 2-4 kinds of high-quality final products. the fat content- not more than 1%.

  Staff assignments

  According to the conventional business daily processing 30 tons of maize flour mill, the general annual 350days at full capacity, three shifts of production, need every single day every shift one miller 3 workers.


Spec. and Characteristic

Hard maize

Soft maize


Moisture content(%)



Hard maize(minimum)(%)








Weight of thousand maize (g)



Ash (%)




Inorganic impurities(%)



Other grains (%)



Incomplete rate(%)



  Live pictures:

maize flour processing plant

  Our 50Ton Maize Milling Project:

corn grinding mill

corn grinding mill.jpg

corn grinding mill

corn grinding mill


corn grinding mill video

  End products:

  Yellow maize processing:

corn grinding mill

corn grinding mill

  White maize processing:

  Overseas Offices:

  1.Office in Kenya:

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  Contact: Emma

  Email: info@wintonemachinery.com

  2.Office in Uganda:

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