• Win Tone 50TPD Rice Milling Plant Will Be Delivered to Kenya This Year
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      The new 50T/Day Rice Milling Plant will be delivered to Kenya and this is our 15th rice milling project order this year.

      Rice is grown on every continent, apart from Antarctica, and is a staple food for more than half of the world’s population. It is predicted that by 2030, demand for rice is expected to increase by approximately 100 million tonnes to 550 million tonnes. It is additionally worth saying that rice milling is the most established agro-preparing industry in the world.



      Win Tone’s whole rice mill line provides a comprehensive rice processing solution from receipt of freshly harvested paddy, all the way to the finished and packed rice, which includes the paddy cleaning, paddy husker,rice milling, rice grading, rice polishing, color sorter and packaging, etc.. It has the features of higher yields, less brokens, better taste and presentation, lower operating cost and most importantly higher profitability for the miller!


      Designed to International Standards for product safety, our rice milling lines are suitable to meet any requirements of rice processors; rice and paddy varieties, export or local markets - from small, medium to large scale milling plants. We optimize each milling process to maximize your yield to the fullest!


      Mr. Richard Lesiyampe, the Principal Secretary of Kenya Agriculture Department explains: “Paramount to Win Tone’s success is that they have a deep-rooted understanding of the issues affecting the rice markets! We hope that the two sides will enhance communications on rice processing and other areas to help Kenya reduce the loss of food and jointly solve the issue of food security.”


      Win Tone Rice Milling Project at a Glance

      Paddy handling, pre-cleaning, drying & storage project

      Rice milling project

      Whole rice processing automation & electrical engineering project

      By-product processing


      Win Tone Rice Processing Technologies

      Pre-cleaning solutions

      Drying systems

      Storage systems

      Cleaning solutions

      Hulling solutions

      Whitening and Polishing

      Grading solutions

      Optical sorting solutions

      Weighing, Dosifying and Bagging

      Aspiration & Dedusting systems


      Today, around a quarter of the global grain and rice harvest will be processed on systems from Win Tone! Win Tone is continuing to strengthen its leadership in the grain and rice processing project. With dedicated local services and solutions, built on thorough regional knowledge, it is able to meet the exact needs of customers across the world!

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